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One-of-a-Kind Custom Song

One-of-a-Kind Custom Song

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From digging into the new record here in Nashville comes a new dream- for a limited time I’m going to open up the studio for a very limited number of custom, one-of-a-kind songs, which will end up being the first recordings released from the studio.

In my time off tour in the last year, I’ve been asked by a few close friends and fans if I’d consider either playing a favorite song of theirs at a wedding or other special event, or, in the case that the timing or distance didn’t quite work, if I’d be willing to record something to send their way. These experiences have varied as widely as the wild people involved, but they’ve consistently been deeply rewarding and inspiring. So with excitement at the thought of connecting with more of you, I’m going to open up my studio in a way I never have.

I’m looking forward to recording unique, stripped-down acoustic versions of original songs that you might not otherwise have the chance to hear live, but I love learning and reinterpreting other peoples’ work and I’m constantly reminded these days that all creation is, to some extent, translation - so requests for covers are welcome as well.

I’m going to do twenty-five of these custom pieces total - if you’d like yours for Valentine’s Day or a specific date, make sure to note that when you make your order, along with the song you’d like, the occasion, and perhaps its intended recipient- I’m happy to tag a little spoken message to you and/or your loved one. I’m going to have fun with these- they’ll likely center around me & my brown baby grand, but who knows what sonic adventures any given day might bring.

I can’t tell you all how exciting & fulfilling connecting with you continues to be, and what an honor it’s been to play a role, however small, in your life’s amazing events. Here’s to a fun dive into unexplored territory.

Note: These songs will be customized, one-of-a-kind pieces just for you- this means you're totally cool to play them as your first dance, as part of a private celebration, or any other special occasion you can imagine with family and friends. I'll still own the copyright to this master recording, though, so these are for your private use only and cannot be distributed publicly in any way in their complete form - though if there's a particularly fun cover, your special request may just find itself making its way into my live set or could end up growing into something entirely new for some future release on my end. Any questions, feel free to drop me a line! xo zc